We are worker cooperative that provides tech consulting services to progressive nonprofit, social justice, activist and community organizations.


We see how governments and nonprofits are struggling because there is a lack of tech professionals who have the knowledge and understand their problems

  • We personally engage in current movements for social change

    Occupy, Open Source, P2P, Civic Tech

  • We organize weekly open hacking events for self employed developers

  • And also teach programming

  • We are a developers' collective that creates dynamic mobile, web and desktop applications in hypermodular Javascript technologies

  • Let's
    make it

Projects we work on

Ethereum Remix

IDE for working with Ethereum contracts

Wizard Amigos

E-learning JavaScript code camps


Online platform for helping newcomers find remote work

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App Development

Conceptualizing and crafting high quality desktop, mobile and web apps.

Made with Love

We are highly passionate about the projects we accept. Tell us about yours!

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FairyDust is a worker cooperative

Alexander Praetorius

Developer and Worker owner

Sole Owner of Micro Holding
Seraseed Ltd.


Nina Breznik

Developer and Worker owner

Sole Owner of Micro Holding
Vision Baker Ltd.